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We are committed to unleash endless possiblities in carbon.

Li-ion battery materials

Spherical Assembled Graphite (SAG)

Anode Mateiral is one of 4 main components consisting of li-ion Batteires. Our graphite anode is superior in fast charging/discharging capability and long-cycle life performance, making possible manufacturers to produce high-capacity li-ion batteries

Advantages of SAG
  • Significantly reduce sourcing cost and ensure stable raw material supply for recycling flake graphite waste in the process of micronizing and rouding stage during the spheronization for convetional shperical graphite.
  • Reduce graphite particle size down to 1㎛~10 ㎛ (maximum 10x smaller than conventional graphite anode) based on our own nanoparticle technology
  • Keep silicon anodes from swelling and shrinking
SEM Image
  • Before
    (D50 :12㎛)
  • After
    (D50 :1.7㎛)
  • Uniformed shperical shape

  • Rapid charging/discharging in a porous crystal structure

  • Cut the raw material cost significantly

  • Easily composable with Silicon