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Innovative thermal solutions for a better future



T.E.Z Film is a heat dissipation film to which a self-developed
special coating method is applied. By eliminating the offset
with precision special coating on the cross section of the product
the designer-centered optimized design includes bezel-less
fine shape and hole processing, which were impossible in the
existing tape sealing process.

Product Features 1

Sort Offset Micro hole Features
Sealing method

Min. offset of 3mm

Cannot produce a through shape
with a hole of Ø6 or less
Requires at least 7mm between holes

Redesign required
due to the limitations
of the sealing method

T.E.Z Film

No offset,
perfect bezel-less

Product Features 2

  • T.E.Z Film helps designers produce optimized
    designs for products that require
    elaborate shape processing, including delicate
    shape and hole processing,
    without attaching a separate film or any converting.

  • T.E.Z Film enables high-level insulatio
    and anti-static treatment,
    ensuring the safety of electrical
    and electronic devices.

  • T.E.Z Film is usable at various temperatures,
    improving the durability
    and reliability of applied products.

Product specification

Features unit Product specification Test Methods
Color - Black Visual confirmation
Size mm small to medium ~ large (order specification) -
Thickness 200㎛ ~ 1,100㎛ ASTM  D374
Operating temperature -30~100 -
Thermal Conductivity (XY) W/m·k 200~350 (Indong Heat Dissipation Sheet section) ASTM  D5470
Density g/㎤ 1.0 ~ 1.7±0.1 ASTM  D792
Hardness Shore 20~70 ASTM  D2240
Adhesiveness g/cc order specification -
Volume resistivity (Ω•cm) >10⁸ ASTM  D257
Surface resistance >10¹⁰ ASTM F150
Flame retardant level - V-0 UL94



  • Monitors

  • Laptops

  • Electric components

  • Tablets

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