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Innovative thermal solutions for a better future


Leading company in thermal conduction material technology

In recent years, the importance of reducing weight, thickness, and size, while improving the functionality of electronic products has grown,
which is why electromagnetic wave and thermal conduction solutions have also become much more critical.
Indong Advanced Materials offers accurate and precise total thermal conduction solutions optimized for each business field
based on the thermal conduction materials and proprietary technology the company has developed itself.

  • Company Name

    INDONG Advanced Materials, Inc

  • Co-CEO

    Cho Han-seok, Choi Eun-wan

  • Date of establishment

    April 27, 2017

  • Business Line

    Carbon material
    manufacturing and sales

Core Competencies

Indong Advanced Materials’ one-stop total thermal conduction solutions
can open a new door for further design possibilities from materials to parts processing.
  • Optimized thermal
    conduction design

    Optimal thermal conduction design
    technology for various thermal issues

  • Secure portfolio of core products
    using proprietary technology

    Indong Advanced Materials owns proprietary
    technology, preventing the risk of patent disputes

  • Next generation market development
    based on creative R&D

    Indong Advanced Materials develops new products
    proactively to take on new future markets